New Puppy Application

Before you can take home one of BJ's Frenchies, we will need to know a little more about you and the home you can provide for your new baby. Please email us at and tell us more about yourself....


  • Tell us a little about the home the puppy may be going? Children, their ages? Other pets and what they are?


  • How much time do you have to spend with a puppy each day?


  • Are you looking for just a pet, or for show or breeding?


  • Have you researched the French Bulldog breed?


  • If you rent your home, are you allowed to have a pet?



Also, Finding the right puppy for the right person is our main concern. The puppy’s welfare is important to us. Please ask yourself these questions before purchasing a puppy from us or from anyone.


Is everyone in your family personally committed to having a puppy?

Is everyone agreeable as to which breed to get?

Have you considered all the financial obligations involved in raising a puppy?

Is a good knowledgeable vet available to care for your puppy?

If this is a gift for an older adult, do they really want a puppy? ask them.

Is anyone at home during the day to see to the puppies needs? ...If not, how long will the puppy be left alone?

What type of housing will the puppy be left in when no one is around?

Is your yard properly fenced for the breed you choose? is the yard big enough?

Will the puppy be kept safe from predators, including a larger pet?

Do you have children & are they instructed about handling small baby animals?

Have you considered what type of house training you are going to use?

If you travel a lot, will this breed of dog be able to go with you in the accommodations you use?

The Frenchies