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Pictures of  Past Puppies

Hi Sierra,
I wanted to send you a quick email to update you on Sammy. He is doing so well. He is pretty much potty trained. We haven’t had accidents in the house in weeks. He is growing so quick. He went to the clinic with me today and he weighed 15lbs. He is going to puppy classes and plays with other dogs twice-three times a week. We recently took him up north with us also which he travels well in the car. He absolutely loves water. So I was curious if any of your others ones also love water. He went kayaking with me and swam in the lake up north. We did buy him a small pool also that is in the back yard. Yep he is pretty spoiled but we love him lots. Thanks again and we look forward to some day getting a little girl from you too. Here are a couple of pictures from when we were up north at the end of July. 
The trainer tells me all the time how beautiful he is. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 5.07.25 PM.png

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