Deposit & Payment

Deposit & Payment.  Please read to the bottom of the page.


All pups CAN be AKC papers. Puppies are sold as pet only! They must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. Down payment or payments can be made by Postal Money Orders or personal check as long as it is in my hand 2 weeks prior to puppy leaving me. We only accept Postal Money Orders from the Post Office. Sorry we do not take personal money orders or cashier's check at pick up.


    ALL PUPS WILL have at least 2 sets of a 5 way puppy shots, one at least   1 straight Neopar, and 1 kennel cough vaccinations.

  •     All puppies will come with Micro Chipped for their safety, you must register it in your name to work!!

  •     De-wormed at 2, 4, 6,  with Pyrantel and 3 days of Panacur at 7 weeks and again for 5 days before they       leave.

  •     First Heart Guard at 5 weeks and 10 weeks if they are still here.

  •     Vet checked at 7 week's or prior to going  home.

  •     Leave with health papers and check off list from our vet. 

  •     1 Year written guarantee/health contract. 

A Non Refundable $500 down payment is required to hold a puppy until old enough and/or large enough to be picked up or shipped. This is deducted off the price of the puppy. Puppy is not considered sold until down payment is received! I suggest sending your down payment by Priority or Express Mail.


Down payment is non-refundable, unless puppy fails vet check!! If you are picking up your puppy you can pay remainder at that time in cash, sales tax does apply. NO Personal checks please when picking up, or you may not get to take your puppy home.


To avoid delay I will accept a Money Order from your local post office by priority mail and or offer  you the convenience of using a credit card. To pay your down payment or balance (no paypal) I will send a invoice through the square.. There is a 3% handling for any card use,  a faxed photo ID  could be required!


No puppy leaves my house any younger than 8 weeks some 10 weeks old. I know you're anxious but the only concern I have is the health of the puppy. I can't bend this rule, sorry!


If for any reason anyone who purchases a puppy from us cannot take care of the dog anytime in the future, we encourage them to contact us and we will take the dog back, rather than go to a shelter or humane society.

Purchase & Care Considerations:


Finding the right puppy for the right person is our main concern.  The puppy’s welfare is important to us.

Please ask yourself these questions before purchasing a puppy from us or from anyone.


    Is everyone in your family personally committed to having a puppy?

    Is everyone agreeable as to which breed to get?

    Have you considered all the financial obligations involved in raising a puppy?

    Is a good knowledgeable vet available to care for your puppy?

    If this is a gift for an older adult, do they really want a puppy? ask them.

    Is anyone at home during the day to see to the puppies needs?

    If not, how long will the puppy be left alone?

    What type of housing will the puppy be left in when no one is around?

    Is your yard properly fenced for the breed you choose? is the yard big enough?

    Will the puppy be kept safe from predators, including a larger pet?

    Do you have children & are they instructed about handling small baby animals?

    Have you considered what type of house training you are going to use?

    If you travel a lot, will this breed of dog be able to go with you in the accommodations you use?

   Prices start at $3000-$3500

Puppies can be AKC, but are sold as companions only. Full AKC papers could be offered to the right homes

                                        All puppies picked up are Subjected to Sales Tax

                        There is usually a waiting list started for the puppies.

                                     No cost to be on the list, just a email.



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